Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's my TC?

I was just speaking to a feeder whom someone emailed me about. Apparently the TC officer told him to stop feeding so many cats and to pick a few of the prettier ones to keep feeding and to stop feeding the rest.

The problem is that the feeder doesn't quite know whom he spoke with. He also wasn't quite sure which town council he is under. We managed to locate the town council (I think!) through the process of elimination, but he insisted the officer he spoke with was the 'head' and the name he gave was not similar to the GM's name, so it is going to be difficult to find him.

A tip : if you're not sure which town council you belong to, you can call the TC that you suspect you belong to and ask if they can help to direct you to the correct TC.

The feeder mentioned he had some friends who were willing to help him though (and coincidentally two of them emailed me). He also went to see the MP tonight and brought the Responsible Feeding brochure which one of his friends gave him along.

I spoke with one of the friends who happens to be a resident in the block - neither of them knew each other so I've emailed the two of them as well. It certainly helps to know other concerned people in the area .



Anonymous long tail said...

gbzIs this TC insane and totally lack
of shame for suggesting only pretty cats receive food and the ' ugly ' ones be kicked aside?

Does this mean he will ill treat ugly residents/customers and give special favour to pretty ones?

For someone so ugly, what does he know about beauty?

27/9/07 3:31 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

longtail,i totally agree with u!
Who does he think he is,to take another precious life?

27/9/07 12:12 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well let's wait for the resident I spoke to to have a word with the officer - would like to find out what was said exactly and why.

27/9/07 12:15 PM  

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