Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Alley Cat Allies Tote Bag

Alley Cat Allies Tote Bag
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At the end of my presentation, a woman wanted to comment and said her daughter and granddaughter live in Singapore and had told her about the good work we were doing. It was really nice to hear people have heard about us so many miles away.

I also spoke with a number of caregivers who wanted to know what to do next. One nice lady asked me not to go home yet so I can help out here :)

Thanks to ACA for asking me to speak at the conference. It was a real honour - they also very kindly sponsored the hotel room and conference fees!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singapore should be proud of Dawn and be ashamed of the way some people treat the cats here!

16/10/07 5:36 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I think that the people at the conference were very impressed at what all the caregivers are doing in Singapore too. I was told by the ACA staff that people were heartened to hear that TNRM happens ALL over the world.

16/10/07 10:12 PM  
Anonymous imp said...

yay. very glad that you portrayed an enlightened singapore to some parts of the US and probably reached out to people who will otherwise have no inkling what singapore is all about.

17/10/07 12:26 AM  

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