Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This man emailed again. He said that we could make our website and information easier to read by writing it as 7000-CATSNIP and then in the next email, he suggested 7000-228 7647.

The thing is we put it BOTH ways on our brochure and on the Mews because we anticipated that it would not be such a common number. However voice message boxes can only begin with 7000 so we had to get one of those numbers and in general, people can call.

The man said that he would request a meeting if this isn't resolved. The problem obviously is that we can't make people dial it the right way if they misread the number for whatever reason. I also gave him my handphone number for him to redirect people if he so wished.

The man said that I mustn't assume most people think like me and that most Singapore numbers start with a '6'. I am well aware of that, and I can understand it is frustrating for him to get wrong calls, but honestly, if the number is correctly printed, then there isn't much we can do if people dial the wrong number.

A while ago, I used to have customers from a provision shop call my home quite frequently. It turned out that the provision shop and I had very similar numbers - the number was off by a digit. After speaking with the provision shop and realising that they had printed it correctly, I realised it was just that some customers hit the wrong number in their hurry. So we just told the customers they had the wrong number - it wasn't something the provision shop could control, and clearly they did not give out the wrong number so that was the best thing that could be done. Sure it was annoying - but there was nothing the provision shop could do either and it wasn't their fault in my opinion.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't he change his number. Just another selfish singapore pr***

2/10/07 8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been getting calls for'care-corner' for 13 years. Our numbers are very close so ppl make mistakes.. 13 yrs' mistake. If I choose th jump and get agitated, I won't last 13 days!

3/10/07 1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got calls for a hardware store and redirected for years. Eventually i called up XX at store and we chatted - i told her i got called XX a lot ; )
What is the big deal? I still got called XX now and then.

3/10/07 5:59 PM  

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