Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Changing water bowls

I spoke with a caregiver this afternoon who was had an NEA officer tell her that she could not leave water bowls out because people were concerned about dengue. She asked if there was a way to explain to people using the Internet in her area that it's better for the cats to leave water out for their health and that she changed the water every day.

I explained that it's unlikely people will actually pay attention to threads on the Internet because the Internet just has so much information. I suggested that a low-tech solution might be the best - use seven different water bowls with the days of the week written on them. Instead of changing the water alone, she should change the whole bowl. That way anyone walking by can see that the water was changed that day and hence cannot be stagnant water. This also means that the people complaining (who must know where she puts the water) will be able to see it's being changed. She said she'd call the officer and call me back if there was a problem. She hasn't called so I hope that went well.



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