Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting to know the officers

One of the caregivers called me because she wants to claim her cats back in a private estate. She mentioned that the officer she knows is not around so she wants CWS to help out.

Now I understand that people do often need CWS' help, especially if for some reason they're having problems with the officers in charge. What I do find puzzling though is why many people do not want to call themselves and want CWS to do it.

For one thing - having a relationship with the officer directly is very important. This allows you to know sometimes before a situation has occurred. Also there are often things that are done 'officially' and that's where CWS can come in to try and ensure things are done the official way. Many caregivers though have good working relationships with their officers so they are more likely to have a more casual/friendly relationship - and clearly this trumps an official capacity. After all whom would you be more willing to help out? A friend or a business associate? So be pro-active - get involved and get to know the officers in your area. It can make a huge difference.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They want people to do all the talking and co-ordination so they can just have their cats back. Better to leave CWS handle complex issues.

12/10/07 6:44 PM  

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