Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Individuals and organisations

I've been speaking with a few people over the last few days who told me that their town councils have told them that the TC's policy is to work with organisations, and not individuals, which I do find odd. For one thing, residents are individuals - and certainly when complaints are taken, the TC takes complaints from people who are individual residents. There isn't for example a 'Complaints Bureau' that you go to to lodge an official complaint, whereby the organisation then comes up to the TC and tells them what the complaint is.

As another analogy, say someone who is very proud of their estate decided that they wanted to mow the grass for free, or to pick up litter whenever they saw it. Say this person called the TC up and offered their services for free out of a desire just to make the community a better place. Would the TC decide that they do not wish to deal with this person because they are an individual and not an organisation? I seriously hope they would grab the person and take up his or her offer - not only is the person community minded but wants to do something for free for the community. In fact I think it's probably better that they are not an organisation!

Caregivers really are those individuals - they want to do something for the community. They clean up, often after other people. And they do it all for free. Sure they like cats - but that should not matter one way or another because they're helping to make the estate a better place by managing the cat population AND reducing complaints through management.

Perhaps one fear is that individuals are less reliable but that isn't the case. There can be very responsible and reliable individuals who take their duty seriously - and in fact because they do it because they WANT to, they may be far more likely to do a good job. Possibly another worry is that individuals come and go but organisations stay - but that isn't necessarily true. At the end of the day, organisations are run by people - better to have one committed person than a lackluster organisation.

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Anonymous long tail said...

It's a lazy mentality, answers only to one than have to response to 10 individuals. Who are they to dictate terms when they are here to serve.

30/10/07 6:25 PM  

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