Friday, October 26, 2007

Loading the van

Loading the van
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Here are some of the cats being loaded into the van and getting ready to go. We were lucky to have a large number of volunteers - the volunteer who was the area coordinator got a large number of her friends and other caregivers to help out and thank goodness they were there as we were very busy!

All the cats so far have gone to the vet from my pickup point except for one vet which opens a little later in the day. One of the vets in fact just called up to say they were a little unhappy that the cats had turned up a bit early - while we do our best to try to keep to the schedule, some of the people doing transport have more than one pick up location. We also have to adhere to the different times that cats are to be dropped off (from 9 am till noon) and picked up (2 - 7 pm) from the different vets so it can be a bit messy even though we have 12 vehicles doing transport, with more people on standby.



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