Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maryland SPCA

Maryland SPCA
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Here are some of the nice staff from the Maryland SPCA whom I went down to speak with today and who made me feel very welcome. It was a great session - I got to speak with them about Singapore and the things that we do, and I also learnt a lot of interesting stuff from them. For example, I had a good education about rabies (there was a staff briefing going on) and I am very glad we don't have that issue in Singapore!

Some of the questions I was asked seemed very familiar too - someone asked if we ever had people calling to get a mother cat and kittens out of their yard. I asked them in turn if they got a lot of people calling because they had seen a kitten, looked around, didn't see a mother and then almost immediately took it home, whereupon they couldn't nurse it. Quite a few people laughed so it seems that's pretty common here too!



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