Friday, October 26, 2007

Spay Day details

Lots of little bits and bobs floating around at the moment - some volunteers misplaces verification letters on the way to the vet so the vets were a bit confused. One of the vets said that they had several carriers sent in - and each specified a different length of ear tipping. Another cat had a note saying to look at the eye - so the vet called to check whom would be caring for the cat afterward. I just spoke with the caregiver whose cat had the note on the carrier and she said that she had not put it there - but according to Michelle she was not the person who had sent in the cat this morning. So we need to trace down the origins of the note - we also want to ask the person if they want the eye treated.

Also a lot of the cats are being released earlier - but are still quite groggy so many of the transport volunteers and people doing transport today have had to go down earlier. Rebecca and Corbie are also short of people tonight at Tampines and someone just texted to offer to help so we're hoping to get more help there.

As you can see, there are a lot of little details that need looking into so all the co-ordinators are being kept on their toes.



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