Friday, October 26, 2007

Who brought this cat in?

Quite a few people came in today with slots booked under other peoples' names, which was fine (and this happened at all the pick up points) - the only confusion then was to match the right person with the right slots because we wanted to be sure that we tagged each cat properly to go home with the right caregiver. One caregiver had apparently 'shared' slots with another and ran in a panic to the van thinking we had not tagged her carriers - but her friend had already told us that she was there and we had filled out the form with the caregiver's name on it and had attached it to the carrier already.

Another issue is that we want to be sure to be able to speak with the right caregiver if there is a problem. Right now, Michelle is trying to trace down for example one of the cat's that has a note on it's carrier saying it has an infected eye. The woman who sent the cat in, and whose name is on the carrier, apparently let another friend have her slot, and she's not sure about what is happening exactly as the cat was brought in by someone doing transport - and not the caregiver.
It was also kind of funny that a lot of people didn't know the names their friends had registered under so there was a lot of "what is your name again?" going on. It's not unusual that you might not know a fellow caregiver's full name. A few people came in without registering and we were able to accommodate them, but Rebecca and Corbie had more problems as they had far more cats than were booked in which meant Rebecca had to beg vets for slots, drive cats to other vets and basically try to fix it, while Corbie had to man the fort.

Thank goodness for the area co-ordinators who live in the vicinity and helped out. As the cats at my pick up point started going back early, Nancy, the fantastic coordinator was all ready for them and has been there watching them with some other caregivers.



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