Friday, November 16, 2007

And now for something completely different

A nice piece of news for a Friday after a day of complainants and complainants. A woman emailed to say that there were kittens on her roof and she was frightened of them. I called and spoke with her and she said that the cats she thought were a month old as she heard from crying on the roof. I suspect from what she was saying (that they run up and down the roof) that they are a bit older.

I asked if her roof might support a trap so the kittens might be taken down and then released back on the street thinking she wanted them gone right away, but she asked if they would be okay. She asked about getting them sterilised, and I told her they might be a bit young.

She said that while they were quite noisy, she could always put up with it - she was more concerned about what would happen to the cats though she admitted she is scared of them. She also said she would be happy to sponsor their sterilisation.

I'm trying to see if we can find anyone in the area now though it seems that they may be feeders but no caregivers.



Blogger calsifer said...

Well, it's a positive note to end the week on. The lucky kitties!

Have a good weekend!

16/11/07 9:25 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

You too!

16/11/07 10:17 PM  

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