Thursday, November 29, 2007

Appealing to the MP

This is the story of a woman who wrote to her town council and to her MP. After managing the cats for years, apparently there was a repeat complaint and the cat was caught after the complainant went to see the MP. The officer was apparently new and inexperienced.

The property manager then apparently wrote back and said there was now a 'zero stray cat' policy in their estate. The caregiver wrote back to ask when this had been put in place and why. She wrote a very cogent and logical email pointing out what they had done, and asking why this had happened. She asked when this new policy had been introduced and why. She got what she called a 'standard reply' from the Property Manager. She also pointed out that the property manager had pointed her right back to the property officer whom she had already spoken with.

The MP wrote back on the same night and said he would look into it. By the next day, the cat had been put back into the estate. The property manager also texted her to say that he understood the woman was out of the country and hoped she had a good holiday and would meet up with her when she was back. According to the other caregiver in the area, he was very nice about the release of the cat.

Obviously, much of it I am sure depended also on the MP and his very quick and efficient handling of the situation. However the thing that should not be overlooked is what the caregiver did - she wrote in, explained the programme and what was being done, and also what steps they had already taken to address this issue. She further asked for clarification. She came across as reasonable, logical and wanting to work with the TC - and that's why I think they will be willing to work with her (and because the MP said so I'm sure!).

So it pays to write/talk to your MP and to always keep a calm head!

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Blogger Surferket said...

Speak softly buy carry a damn big stick.

TC officers are only afraid of big-shots querying them.

This is why I recommend playing hardball when they give the silent treatment of runaround.

29/11/07 6:22 PM  

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