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AVA Roadshow

AVA Roadshow
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The AVA Roadshow on Saturday. Jacin and volunteers were down at various shifts, but a big thank you to Jacin who was there the whole of the weekend.

I dropped by to man the booth on Saturday at lunchtime but it was pretty quiet. The roadshow seems a bit quieter this year.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have 5 humble years continuous experience in organizing roadshows and operating booths onsite at roadshows. These are the things that i found to be true. 1) Roadshows organized by government offices tend to be less successful in terms of crowd attendence and communications. Factors could be 1) the lack of experienced and dedicated staff. eg1. I personally do not care for or have special interest or animal welfare, who cares? i am a garmen worker, my superior ask me to do a roadshow to promote AVA and its concern. I just do lor. As long as got do can leow. After all, this is my first job after Uni and i got 2nd class lower honors, tong one year then quit. eg2. I personally do not care for all these stupid animals and those even more stupid crazy animal lovers with nothing better to do but take care of stray cats. i'm 50+ years old leow, what my boss ask me to do, i just do lor. got pay got bonus can leow. anyway, 1 year do once, aiyah, qinchai do can lor. 2) AVA's roadshows are held at places that have proven to be not effective. Eg. Ngee Ann City - Foyer. << Hullo, i'm going to orchard road shopping, why would i step out to the hot sun and inside some stuffy white tentage to know how i can indirectly not abuse some stray animals?! And if rains, it's even more stuffy to go see the roadshow?! 3) Huh, AVA roadshows? Every year also the same. BORING. (Topics boring, presentation boring, posters boring, faces boring even those freebies like bookmarks and pocket calenders are boring and boring and so 80s!? please, who's going to use these bookmarks and pocket calendars? 4) Roadshows are a marketing tool. if your tool is one that's stuck in the 1980s, you are NOT going to grow. and people will only think of your roadshow as crap. (not that AVA really cares, see comment no.1 and no.2) and you are doing things for the sake of doing and wasting money and resources and time. 5) Go for venues that will eventually give you quality exposure rather than trying to look big-scaled but in actual fact, nothing was really meaningfully achieved. AVA must really stepped up on their capability in public education concerning animals. AVA has the potential to do alot lot lot more. AVA has the responsibility to do alot lot lot more.

19/11/07 12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think these kind of roadshows proved more effective at hdb area. They should even have people in animal costume giving out flyers and maybe even taking photos with the kids. I know we aim to bring a serious message across to the public but then you also have to be interesting to encourage interest and participation. Have a corner for "babysitting" when parents shop then take the chance to do some "story-telling" about caring and respecting animals.
Yes they have ads on tv on prime time but i don't think many children will really understand the message.

19/11/07 1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big roadshow show using taxpayers' money. Why can't all the animal welfare groups unite to do one on their own...through corporate sponsorships?

AVA can do their own show...tell public why they are killing strays and not taking responsiblity for it? Where is the dignity?

Maybe all of welfare groups just wanted to sell as many items as possible to raise the much needed funds. Feel sorry at how hard they work.

19/11/07 1:09 PM  
Anonymous no patience said...

was at the ava show yesterday, quite eerie to see the people involved culling behind counters. Then the welfare groups selling their t-shirts, calenders etc. got the ying and yang feeling, one group saving animals and the other, culling for a living! I freak out.

19/11/07 1:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous we HAVE organised road shows on our own and at different venues. So has almost every animal welfare group. I can tell you we have never gotten any corporate sponsorship and ended up paying for it on our own. Also because we're much smaller (and have a tinier budget) we end up getting far less exposure and advertising even when they are done at other smaller malls. This is for example when the malls will give us space. To be honest, none of the groups could afford to run a roadshow like the one AVA just had - it would be far too expensive for us.

I also think that the message should be aimed at adults - not at the kids. If you have a babysitting centre, then parents are going to dump their kids there and go off shopping. This still isn't passing the message effectively.

no patience - the people who run the exhibition are actually the education department which is again different from the control department.We actually do work with them and the animal welfare people quite a lot.

19/11/07 1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for those of us who are into animal welfare, there is much left to be desired where partnership with the government offices are concern. just take myself for instance. i am in charge of my company's A&P and Corporate PR funds. I would really want to work with the welfare groups but how to when i know my bosses are going to "kill" me. corporations can only go for human causes to better package themselves, like it or not. think kidney dialysis centres, children cancer society. cat welfare society? acres? asd? wait long long. as for the garmen zoo? also must wait. but the singapore zoo these days is another story. i share similar views with someone who wrote to STforum wrt the Singapore Zoo : it ain't a zoo no's a fast food corporation set in mandai! come, come to the zoo and see hello kitty!!! see winnie the pooh and friends at the Zoo! they do it all for you.... W.T.F.

19/11/07 2:00 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

19/11/07 2:30 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous that's the problem we've faced too - even companies whose parent companies support animal welfare overseas, rarely support animal welfare causes in Singapore.

19/11/07 2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several senior staff from animal control was behind the counter, seen promoting culling during Sars and now eerie to see them attending to public...can you imagine the answers they give to people with cat or dog problems?

Like sure, we can loan you free traps, then remove and cull them at Pasir Panjang. Do you think they refer them to CWS or ASD?

To them it's service to the public, remove the ' nuisance '

19/11/07 2:54 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I must have gone at a different time from you as I spoke to several of the welfare and education officers :)

At any rate, I do agree - I wish that alternatives were encouraged. Less trapping, more sterilisation and more education about management!

19/11/07 3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is insensitive to include staff from animal control/culling dept at the ava roadshow. Why can't that leave them out just for 2 days, their presence smell of blood and death from all the killing.

19/11/07 6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe they should run an ad on actual culling to STOP people from abandonment. Just like the abortion process videos they show to the pregnant women...

20/11/07 12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with anonymous 12.52 those killing facilities should show PTS using lethal injections and small puppies suffocating to death from poisonous gas. Show the public, don;t hide in some dark cubicles and remove the ' out of bounds ; signs.

Scary to see them behind counters at the ava roadshow attending to public. Habitual killing without alternatives is psychomatic.

20/11/07 1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So agree with anonymous 12.52PM!!! That's exactly what I think and truly believe in! what for waste our taxpayers money having roadshows, advertising on tv and posters, paying advertising bluffs! hit the nail where it is!

20/11/07 3:19 PM  

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