Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The AWOL fosters

I was just speaking with the adoption volunteer about postings. Occasionally some people help post for others who may not have Internet access, which is very nice of them. However, what is important is to ensure that the person who actually HAS the cat is really keen to adopt it out. What often happens is that when a potential adopter calls, the cat has long been adopted out/released/etc.

On the other hand, some people wanting to do a nice thing will see an advertisement somewhere and decide to put it on the adoption board. By the time someone is interested in the cat, the person posting cannot remember where the cat was from, or whom they were posting for (as happened today).

Also while you may want to do a favour be sure the person who you are doing it for appreciates it. Someone wrote in yesterday who said that someone asked her to adopt a cat out if not it would go back on the street. However the person did not want to post the cat because they thought it would be too much of a problem (what exactly was a problem they did not say). Oftentimes when an adopter is indeed interested and the person who posted the cat contacts the person who actually HAS the cat, the cat is gone or the person is uncontactable. Or in some occasions, the person has gotten quite upset because the photo was posted without their permission (the volunteer had to explain to an upset man who was angry about the copyright in his photo being infringed that the person who had sent it in had said the cat was their cat).

It would not be so much of a problem except that you can see there are so many cats being posted on the adoption board and there are fosters who genuinely are looking for people to adopt their cats. If a potential adopter keeps running up against cats that are no longer available because the foster is AWOL, then they may just give up altogether. There are so many cats on the board that it would be good to leave the postings to genuine cases with fosters who will be contactable.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dawn, i saw a kitten at my void deck few days ago. I ignored the kitten because obviously someone had been leaving me "presents" around my feeding area for past one year.
I really don't know what happen to those abandoned kittens. Some grew up but some i never see them again. I really pity those kittens but I just hate this irresponsible person. I already have people shouting at me for the growing number. I really don't know how to catch that person!

28/11/07 12:35 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous I'm really sorry to hear that. A couple of options - one, approach your TC for help and tell them what is happening. At the very least,perhaps you can ask them to put up posters highlighting that abandonment is a crime.

Two, ask the RC for help and tell them people are dumping cats in the area. They walk around and meet residents - they may know who has cats at home.

Three, flyer the neighbourhood - do you suspect these are the offspring of someone's home cats? If so, put brochures explaining that abandonment is a crime, why it is important to sterilise, etc. It will also give you a chance to walk around and see who has unsterilised cats at home.

28/11/07 1:10 PM  

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