Friday, November 16, 2007

Borrowing a Scarecrow AND a trap

This woman called this afternoon. She said that the Scarecrow was leaking and she tried to clear it out but it wasn't working. I told her that I would bring her a new unit if she would like. The woman said she didn't think it would work as she said it went on when the cars went by on the main road.

I told her that it might be a good idea to then make the range smaller, so that it wouldn't spray out onto the road, but she said she WANTED it to spray there because the cats walk there. I had suggested yesterday that they turn it on only at night because the cats usually would be likely to go in at night, and she agreed. It's a pretty quiet street so I doubt many cars will go by and get sprayed actually. She asked when I would go by.

I just got off the phone with the neighbour next door who has cats that go out. She said she just had an argument with the neighbours. She said that this afternoon the complainants had another cat trap delivered, so she went over to ask what the issue was. She said the man started hollering at her on the street and yelling at her. She said the man told her he would have them trapped. She apparently went down to the AVA and asked why they continue to let someone constantly trap the cats there but they said there was no other option.

It's very odd that the woman will borrow the Scarecrow and then turn right around and borrow the cat trap - and not mention it to me. I will still go around with the Scarecrow because hopefully at least the cats will not be caught again if the Scarecrow is in place.

The neighbour is also looking for options to see if she can get her garden fenced up (she is allergic to cats and so are her children so the cats live in her garden which has a nice porch front and back and go out). She said she is quite sure her cats do not go in next door but I said that we can't be sure - and one time would be too many. She also said if they trap any of her cats she will consider taking legal action against them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just build an outdoor enclosure for the cats, cheaper than way than legal way. And what a waste of time going to AVA as they loan traps to anybody.

16/11/07 8:45 PM  

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