Friday, November 23, 2007

Caregiver found?

The sister-in-law of the woman who called me about this cat just rang. It turns out she is a caregiver in her own area. She was asking what could be done about the man who will not sterilise the cats.

I told her that I had been by and spoken with him. She said that the mother cat seems to have disappeared since this morning and she's not sure if the TC came and trapped it. She told me she was baffled why someone would just refuse to sterilise the cat.

I explained that in this case it wasn't just the sterilising. The people in the block didn't really mind the cats per se (which is quite unusual but this a pretty unusual block - there was a sense of community I don't always feel in other areas) but they were really unhappy about the cat defecation in the block. Clearly just sterilising the cats here without management is not going to work especially if this person keeps luring the cats upstairs! Moreover there are tons of feeders here - but so far no one wants to step in and sterilise.

She said that she couldn't come over every day and take care of those cats - but she would speak with her sister-in-law. She said her sister-in-law loves animals but has no experience with cats. She said that she will talk to her and get her sister-in-law to call me again about becoming a caregiver in the area. Hopefully something good will come out of this - though I think getting the guy to stop feeding the cats on the fifth floor is going to be a real challenge.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer the question of why some people dont sterlise. From reading responses of pet owners of both cats and dogs in forums. Reasonings are as follows

1) It is so cruel to castrate the animal
2) Imagine you are being castrated, it is cruel hence you should not do it to another animal
3) You are cruel in not giving animal chance to experience motherhood
4) The religious texts say that sterlisation is against God's law no matter what religious groups say.... the text which is the word of God is more accurate.
5) It's God's will that the animals be allowed to mate and "procreate"

Honestly I can never understand how people can have such ideas. But then again... there are all sorts of people in this world..

23/11/07 6:45 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes Anonymous - and you're right, those are the arguments people pull outand I don't understand them either. Don't forget 'what if we sterilise and there are no more cats'? :) I think the woman I spoke with was just baffled - to her, if they're sterilised and managed (as in her area), then they aren't rounded up. She told me quite confidently - no cats are rounded up unless there are complaints and there aren't any.

23/11/07 6:50 PM  

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