Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Caregivers helping

It's nice to know that in some estates and with some caregivers there is a lot of working together. Someone had written in this morning to say that a mother cat and kittens were spotted outside a flat on the 11th floor. They said they would like them removed but did not want them killed.

I emailed one of the caregivers in the area and he in turn SMSed several caregivers. Almost immediately two of them responded - and another two did after that. Even those this area is not within the area managed by any of them, they offered to go down and help. I told them I suspect that this may be a home cat or a cat being fed upstairs by someone and if we can find that person it would help. It was great to see that they are willing to help out.

On another note, one of the caregivers told me that she went down to check this man's house. She is happy to report that as far as she can see, there is no trap out at the moment. Perhaps it might not be too much to hope he's had a change of heart and has stopped trapping?



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