Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I was just speaking with someone who mentioned that she had lost a cat out of a carrier at the vet a while ago and wanted to know what a good brand of carrier is. I told her that most carriers are fine - what is most important is the condition of a carrier. For example, the catch may have been very secure when you bought the carrier, but may not be any longer if the catch is old and may spring open easily. It is a good idea to check your carrier periodically to make sure that it works well.

Also one thing you might want to do is to tie the carrier with string tie, raffia string or some other means to ensure it closes properly if you want to be extra cautious. There are quite a number of cats that go missing in the vicinity of the vets - and sometimes when I see people come in with cats in pillow cases or cats with no collar or leash, being carried in arms, I am surprised more don't get lost.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use the long white cable ties..,.most secure

27/11/07 4:32 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

im always afraid of CATastrophe :-)

i check the carrier's lock obsessively all the way to & from the vet's, plus secure it with string ...

kiasu, but better safe than sorry ... i mean if the fella runs into one of the monsoon drains & refuse to come when called, then how ?!

i love cats but i know they're not very smart & they're skittish - unlike dogs who put their complete trust in their owners ... cats don't trust their owners 100%, thats why ppl say they're aloof & proud, as compared to dogs.

27/11/07 10:32 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I would say I think it depends on the animal really. I do know dogs that don't trust their owners - and honestly, any animal can panic when they are frightened which is what happens usually.

27/11/07 11:59 PM  

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