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Cat in condo

Cat in condo
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I just received a phone call from one of the women who is involved in this group of cats. She told me that I was not aware of all the facts and that she had not seen it necessary to keep me updated on the matter as I was not part of their group. I assured her that she didn't need to - and that every community needs to decide what they want to do for themselves and that I'm more than happy to keep out of the situation.

I told her that the only reason I had gotten involved again was that one of the people in her group had contacted me and asked for help and urgently, and that yesterday when I had met them, it was agreed that talking to the management would be useful.

I also said that I thought it would be useful for the group to decide what they want to do in the long term because people might be on completely different pages and I had gotten different information from the other caregiver. She told me that the woman I spoke with doesn't have all the information either.

I reiterated again that this is her community and that I'm not telling them what to do in the long run but that I thought it would be useful for her to speak among themselves. She told me that it was really my community (she is an expatriate as are quite a large number of them there apparently) and that therefore my input would be valuable at some point.

I told her that nevertheless that I thought it was a good thing that they were sterilising the cats there. Unfortunately she seemed to take this in a negative manner. I told her that was not what I meant and that I sincerely meant it.

She also said that she found it disconcerting that I called up to have this conversation (though actually she was the one who called me) and that while she appreciated my help, I needed to back off. She said she would call me if she needed my help, though it might be an urgent phone call if they run into anything.

I asked for a minute to try and explain as I wasn't sure why she was taking what I said negatively when I had not meant it to be a criticism. She said that she didn't need my stamp of approval - which also wasn't what I was trying to say.

I also tried to reiterate that I was only involved because her fellow caregiver had contacted me and that I wasn't sure what I had done to offend her. She told me that I had already taken up several minutes of her time and she had to go.

Whatever it is, I hope that the cats there will be fine.

I really am uncertain what caused this misunderstanding. To be honest, I am more than happy when a group can handle itself - it's better for the community to be directly involved because it is their community and their cats. Also, it leaves me more time to work on other areas that DO need help - I have spent a part of today trying to figure out what was happening, and this time could have been better spent on something else.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This expat hasn't been "educated" enough for not studying your blog :)

23/11/07 6:46 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I don't think she thinks that she needs to be educated - nor was I trying to do that but suggest that they might want to think a little more long term.

If for example, the cats are all fostered and no homes are found, then what happens to the cats? It's a large colony and not a few cats. The cats will have lost their instincts and their territory will likely have been taken over. Having an expatriate community which is transient as the woman also reminded me, also means that your fosters may have to leave at some point - which has happened with CWS fosters who are expatriates too - and that means the cats could end up with nowhere to go.

Every community is different and has different needs but what's important is to start thinking about it when you start sterilising - sometimes in the frenzy of trapping, it's easy to forget that something has to be done with the cats afterwards.

23/11/07 9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to anonymous. Lets not make tensions higher than it is.... honestly I find the whole fuss silly and end of the day the cats suffer for it. Dawn if you dont mind me saying.... this is one of the biggest colonies I have seen in years. And there is also the stench of faeces in the bushes... honestly these cats are a walking time bomb... Im actually really surprised everyone tolerated them till now. Sigh but well as you said the caregivers have decided to close up, nothing we can do... I will however still pay visits to the area whenever I can.


24/11/07 1:35 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

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24/11/07 2:14 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Adriane - I'm with you there. I'm actually surprised that no one has complained so far. One of the women mentioned that the colony started with two cats - but that's all it takes obviously. I just wish someone had started sterilising earlier.

Thanks for offering to help though.

24/11/07 2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its okay... I just kind of pity the cats... well fed community cats in my area normally cant be bothered with the rest of us residents. The cats I see in these area however seem dependent on feeders and food dont seem to be coming regularly as they go really ballistic when I just crush a plastic bag... I think they must think it is food. Also there is one limping cat.. sigh the colony is not in very good shape.


24/11/07 2:52 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Actually I saw food littered all over the place when I was there - there were bones, dried food all over the pavement, and it was just pretty dirty.

24/11/07 9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hah I didnt notice anything except the water bowls cos both times I went was in the night. So I guess the darkness covered up everything... The stench of faeces from the bushes was unmistakenable though... The cats were really friendly and kept butting their heads against my hands... that is what makes it so painful that I cant do much for them.

24/11/07 1:54 PM  

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