Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cat trap Removed

I just had a bunch of SMSes from a woman who had trouble with her neighbour, whom I had gone down to loan the Scarecrow to a while ago.

It seems that since then, they borrowed another cat trap, and got into an altercation with the woman next door. The police were called in as well. Since then, the woman emailed/faxed the AVA and also threatened to go to the press. As a result, the cat trap was taken away and she just texted me to tell me that it was removed. She has asked to go for community mediation with the neighbour so let's hope that something good comes out of that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much will it take for AVA to do the right thing?
Why is it dragging its feet to confirm the scarecrow and catstop that CWS loan to them????

Their mentality just sucks!!

Someone should produce a rap to shame them!

Wasting OUR $$ to KILL KILL KILL..

and getting big fat bonuses soon!

29/11/07 5:33 PM  

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