Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cats everywhere

Cats everywhere
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Unfortunately the caregiver is going away for work for a period of time, and as the occupants of the house won't feed the cats, it is going to be difficult to find someone to feed them.

The caregiver mentioned that there are people who come by. One of the occupants of the house does throw out some food occasionally. Other people come by to feed the cats - while we were standing there, a car stopped to look at them. The couple in it had cats themselves and the woman's mother is a caregiver herself in her own estate, which unfortunately is nowhere in the vicinity.

Other people come by once a week or occasionally. It seems that another resident in the area has a domestic helper who likes the cats. The caregiver had spoken to her about the possibility of feeding the cats as the domestic helper loves cats too. However she was worried that she might get into trouble.

We went by to speak with the resident and her domestic helper and we told the domestic helper that it should not be an issue as she was not doing anything wrong or illegal. The caregiver had a bag of food which she left with them and told them to use it for any cats in the area.

The resident however was most worried - she kept asking whom would feed the cats. She asked if the caregiver can hire someone to come by but we both explained that it's an issue of people managing their own colonies - no one will be able to drop their own colonies and travel somewhere else to feed them, nor do we know anyone in the area who can help out. More accurately, the people in the area don't want to help out.

The domestic helper mentioned that she does go by and feed the cats there sometimes too - I suspect she will go by and feed them with the food left by the caregiver.

The caregiver said that when she gets back to Singapore, she will go back to sterilise whichever cats remain and are not yet done. She said that already a few cats have disappeared since she started sterilising them.

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This is truly ridiculous having so many cats running around.

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