Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cats in house

Cats in house
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The caregiver then brought me over to this house where you can see just a small proportion of the cats in the yard. I easily counted 16 cats and I understand from her that there are a lot more.

The caregiver has been sterilising the cats there but the people in the house are of absolutely no help. They let her come in, but they won't assist her. I spoke with one of the people there who came out immediately when we entered and he said he was just a caretaker and the house belonged to a relative. I asked if he could help to just put the cats into carriers for the caregiver to take them to the vet but he said he was very busy - as are apparently all the other people who live in the house.

The caregiver told me that she noticed the cats were not being regularly fed so she had offered to provide food to the occupant to feed the cats, but again the occupant was too busy to leave the food out.

The caregiver also mentioned that quite a number of cats run onto the road and get killed. I mentioned this to the caretaker and said that they have to be sterilised or else, people are going to start complaining. I said that if they run out and get into peoples' gardens, they are going to get trapped and killed. He said he had no idea if they went out - the caregiver told me that they were always running along the street.

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