Monday, November 19, 2007

Defaulting on agreement

Josephine and I were speaking earlier today about a letter of undertaking Josephine had drafted a while ago. E_Cat and Aliah as many of you know have been going to help out with this woman. However of late, she has refused them admission into her house and so they have been unable to check up on the cats. SMSes to her daughter have also gone unanswered.

The problem now is that E_Cat and Aliah are concerned the cats are still unwell as quite a few had a bout with the flu. Also some of the cats are unsterilised and obviously they cannot be adopted out. It seems that E_Cat had asked if the woman could help contribute some money to the cat food for her own cats and that may have been the point she decided to stop speaking with them. This is after months of E_Cat providing her with food and litter for free.

It is very disappointing that she seems to have decided to cut off contact and ignore the caregivers in the area. This is especially after they have spent time, money and effort bringing the cats to the vet - and we've of course spent money as well to get them treated and sterilised. Obviously the letter of undertaking did allow the caregivers to go in and check on the cats (and ensure they are in good health, not in cages etc) which she is in breach of. Hopefully with the letter Josephine is drafting, that she will let them go in and check the cats.



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