Friday, November 09, 2007

Educational level?

I just spoke to a caregiver who called up. She's a feisty older woman and she was calling to tell me how the town council was 'scared' of her and was working with her now. She always says that she can't speak English very well (and she was very pleased when I told her that her English had improved tremendously) so I don't think she means scared per se but that they respect her tenacity.

One thing she mentioned was that she had offered to help out in her estate, but I told her that her whole estate is very wide, and she cannot cover the whole area. She agreed. She also said that she wanted to co-operate with other caregivers and feeders but if they refused to work with her, then she couldn't help them either.

She isn't intimidated by MPs or TC officers and said she is happy to go with other caregivers to see their MPs. She told me proudly she taught other caregivers not to be afraid to speak with their own MPs and share what they are doing.

She also said that it is important to speak nicely to the officers and to help solve the problems. She also said that she is uneducated and really cannot write a letter - but that she can call and she can speak to people in person.

It really goes to show - it's not your age or your educational level that some people claim is the barrier to them speaking up for the cats. If this woman, whose English wasn't great to begin with, and who is uneducated, according to her, can speak up and work with the TC - then anyone can.

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Anonymous long tail said...

Better to have one courageous uneduacted auntie who cares for cats than one thousand educated people who are against cats.

Love and empathy are spiritual gifts outside the dormain of education qualifications.

9/11/07 6:18 PM  
Blogger VeganCatsg said...

From Stray Cat Sterilisation Project at Bukit Merah View

A volunteer living in Marine Parade was also recently given a volunteer award by the Marine Parade Community Development Council (CDC) for his work with stray cats. The General Manager of the Marine CDC stated in the program brochure that "we have chosen to focus on those active citizens who, in one way or another, have made a direct impact on the lives of fellow Singaporeans and whose passion and dedication in their chosen areas of community work make a tangible difference to others." This is encouraging as it is official recognition that cat volunteers can be part of the solution instead of being seen as part of the problem.

9/11/07 9:41 PM  

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