Friday, November 16, 2007

Food & Bag of Water

Food & Bag of Water
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We saw this bag of bottled water and food on a paper near some very contented looking cats, who were grooming themselves after a nice lunch. Though we looked around, we did not find the caregiver, so I left my card and a note asking him to call.

The caregiver called this morning. He and his wife care for the cats there . They are all sterilised and the water is for him to wash up any additional food or mess. He was in a nearby block feeding those cats and had come back to clear up when he saw my note. He mentioned that he saw some brown stains that he thinks were left by shoes scuffling the cement, but he washed it too in case someone should complain.

He mentioned he HAD been in touch with the TC but that there was a new officer. There were signs up saying not to feed 'stray animals' and I suggested he get in touch with the new officer to bring those up and in case the man complains to the TC.

The caregiver said that he suspects the complainant is a man who came up to yell at him a while ago to stop feeding. He also said he'd be happy to meet him. He has seen two cats that do sit on the cars for warmth but he makes it a point to drive them off when he sees them.

SPCA has been in touch with the complainant again to offer more solutions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

read the news... another cat being abused! It seems well fed and I can't imagine how and why anyone will do this to her!!!!!!!!!

16/11/07 2:23 PM  

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