Monday, November 19, 2007


Someone just called because a pet food company wanted to check if CWS had been passing negative remarks about their brand of food. Apparently someone had called them and said a "CWS member" had made a remark about the food being not particularly good.

First of all, CWS does not promote commercial products which is why we have steered clear of pet food promotion or to say X brand is better than Y brand. We're a non-profit and people should make up their minds about what constitutes good or bad food, and if you ask ten different people you're likely to get ten different responses or what food if good or bad. As a result, we don't disparage brands either. The best person you can and should speak to about what your cat is eating is your vet and certainly you can do research and see what works best for your cat because every cat is different.

Secondly, I explained that we have no idea whom this CWS member is. There are hundreds of CWS members out there who pay a membership fee to be a member. This does not mean obviously that their opinions represent the Society's. I've asked them to just check whom it is as well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree totally. Infact, even different vets have different opinions about everything! Come on people, have abit of your own mind and flex abit of COMMON SENSE. Some cats like that and other cats prefer other brands. Frankly, for food, what's there to really be very bad or very great altho we each try to make out what's really best. what should be the issue is that we should try not to buy brands where the manufacturer is into cruel animal testings or buy from retailers who are indirectly abusing animals by selling abused youngs from backyard breeding hellholes. for this matter, I used to have a cat who fed on supermarket-mass catfood brand known to be salty and made with by-products. my healthy cat never had to go to the vet for 18 years (yes!) of her life. these days, the internetty and richer me, i feed a well-known expensive kibbles brand of westernized graphic design available only from petshops and at a whopping $15/kg. guess what? my cat always sick here sick there, diarrhea here and there. Sure, my current expensive brand of kibbles makes me feel that i'm giving the best to my cats, i got class mah. i'm not some cheena kuching feeder, i'm an educated young professional ok?!...heh. Also, i know of this cattery operator. they insist of just feeding cats with so called high grade kibbles even when the cat is sick or rejects the brand. they just won't feed wetfood / try other brands to the sick cats. hullo, do you want to eat biscuits when you are sick? it's plain common sense then that the sick cats will become sicker and weaker and immune system worsen because they are not eating - no nutrients. no matter how wonderous and beautifully package the expensive kibbles are! for goodness sake.

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