Friday, November 16, 2007

Friendly cat

Friendly cat
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Yesterday I was speaking with Deirdre of the SPCA. They had gotten a complaint from someone complaining about cats scratching his car.

Unfortunately I didn't know anyone in the area, but I was out for dinner and was giving someone a ride home and the person mentioned that they were living in the same area.

Otterman who was with me as well, got dragged around uncomplainingly, as we wandered the estate close to midnight. We bumped into a nice couple who were a bit wary that we were there and when they found out why were very helpful. The man told us that he did not use to like cats but had become very fond of them through the course of meeting someone with cats.

We found all the cats sterilised and they looked like they had just been fed. There was a small one and they seemed very content. It was a quiet estate as well. I did not see the car in the carpark though one of the possible cars was parked in a carpark just behind.



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