Thursday, November 22, 2007

Getting to know a resident

I had another email from someone today who says that the cat she cares for goes into a school nearby. She heard rumours that the cat is going to be trapped and killed. There have been emails from people worried because cats are being trapped in estates, condominiums, buildings or schools that they do not belong to.

The management of these areas are concerned about one thing - that is their residents. As I mentioned in an earlier post, they're concerned with their stakeholders. So the first and most important thing you can do after deciding you want to sterilise in an area is to contact someone who IS related to the area - a resident, a student, a teacher, occupier, etc. They can speak up and mention that you are helping to care for the cats. If not, there is a good chance that should the management decide to start trapping that nothing can be done - because as we know, complaints are usually the reason that trapping is initiated, and if a resident wants them removed, and no one speaks up for the cats besides someone who is an 'outsider', then those cats are at risk.



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