Monday, November 26, 2007

He's from the 'government'

I spoke to a woman who called late last week to ask me to come down and mediate in her neighbourhood this week. I had already been by once with Michelle. She called up and said that there was no need for me to go down anymore as she was told that AVA would be trapping all the cats because there were many complaints in the area.

As she lives in a private estate, I told her that this seemed most unusual and that AVA does not send people down ordinarily to trap cats. Nor does it seem that this person was from the AVA. I asked where and whom this person was - she did not know. She said that the person was from the 'government', took down her details and checked her identity card and told her to stop feeding the cats there. He said they had received numerous complaints about cats defecating in the gardens.

I asked if she was sure this for real. Did the person give her a name card? She said the person took out a badge to show to her but she didn't look very closely. All she knew was that the person may have come from Buona Vista Road and was a Malay man.

I told her that it was important to talk to this person to try and find out where the complaints were coming from and try and resolve them. She told me that she thought he was lying as she said that there weren't that many complaints. However when I went down, we heard of at least two unhappy neighbours - and she just mentioned a third. The woman said that she knew that some people there had cats and hence they could not be complaining.

I told her that sometimes people start out alright but get upset when the situation drags on (which is what one of the complainants had told us). If there is some unhappiness, it is good to handle it as soon as possible and not let it continue. She said if the man comes by again, she will ask him for his name.



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