Thursday, November 29, 2007


I just had a feeder call me to say that they had trapped some sterilised cats in her area. I do not know this woman at all though I do know that there is hardly anyone there working with their town council in this area. She said that one sterilised cat was deliberately caught.

I asked her if she had spoken with her town council. She said that there was no use, she had seen them two years ago and they asked for some letter from CWS. I asked her what she meant and she did not know. I asked her if she had called them to see what had happened, or even if the officer was still the same person she met with.

I asked if they might have trapped that cat because it was the particular cat complained about since it seemed that it was the only cat caught.

I told her that we have never issued any letters to anyone - nor did I even know what letters these are supposed to be. However we could go with her to see the town council and work out a programme.

She kept saying that if we did not want to help then to forget it. I told her that we were more than prepared to help but that she has to decide to work with her TC. She said to forget it and she spends so much money sterilising. She said there is no use working with the town council.

I tried to convince her one more time that it's important to work with the management. I said otherwise, the cats are going to get caught, sterilised or not. She said in that case she will stop and she is busy anyway.

There is NO guarantee that the TC will not trap cats just because they are sterilised unless you have a prior agreement with them. This is why it is imperative to remember that management is just as important as sterilisation.



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