Monday, November 05, 2007

Not wanting to see cats abused

I was at the bank today depositing some money for cat traps sold and for sales on Friday. The bank teller looked at the slip, noticed the money was for CWS and immediately said that she had seen the article about David Hooi in the papers. She expressed her horror for what he had done. I asked her if she happened to like cats - she said not really but she didn't really have anything against them either, and she clearly did not like seeing them abused.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I just read on Shin Min about cat been thrown down at Sin Ming Road, 3rd cat over the past few weeks. Are you aware? Really so sad looking at the cat... These people are so sick. When can we ever put a stop to all these?! What kind of govt do we have, can't even protect small animals, giving such light sentence to animal abusers??!!

5/11/07 6:48 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

No I'm not Anonymous. Any chance you could email me the article or gist of the article?

5/11/07 7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which block and could it be some cat owners refusing to mesh up the flat?

5/11/07 10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

新民路虐猫狂又出击,第三次高楼 抛猫.
上个星期五(2日)傍晚5时, 新民路第22座组屋楼下咖啡店的小吃摊老板,发现组屋旁躺这一只猫的尸体, 残不忍睹,相信是有人从高楼将猫抛下.
当时猫尸已被清洁工人移走了,所以吴先生并没有看到那只可怜的猫,只是非常心寒。“我不晓得究竟是哪个缺德人在背后搞鬼,可是在五个星期内在同个地点发生三次这样残忍的事件, 我觉得有关当局应该尽快将那个虐猫狂绳之以法,免得更多无辜的猫遭殃.
10月22日(星期一)下午约4时,疑有人从高楼将猫丢下,猫倒地不断呻吟地爬不起来,身体多处骨折. 大约在三四个星期前,曾有一名学生在组屋附近,发现一只被人从高处抛下来的猫.

7/11/07 1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, loose translation :

SinMing Road cat abuser strikes again. 3rd incident of cat thrown from high floor
Last Friday 2 Nov at 5pm, the stall owner of a coffeeshop at Blk 22 found a dead cat at the side of the block. It was a gruesome sight and it must have been flung down from high floors.
Resident Mr Goh (50 yrs) said : The stall owner knew I am a cat lover and when he saw me the next day, he told me about the incident.
The dead cat had already been disposed off by the cleaners and Mr Goh did not see the poor cat but he felt very heartbreaking. Mr Goh said he did not know who is doing these wicked acts but to have 3 cruel happenings within 5 weeks at the same location, he felt that the relevant authorities must act fast to stop the abuser so that no more cats will be harrmed.
22 Oct (Mon) around 4pm, a cat was found lying on the floor, groaning and could not move as the cat had several fractures. About 3, 4 weeks ago, a student had also seen a dead cat been flung from high storey.

7/11/07 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article also showed a poor Ginger cat on the floor with eyes open on the 22 Oct, not sure if it was dead

7/11/07 1:47 PM  

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