Friday, November 30, 2007

Posting cats for others

I was speaking to a woman who was rather upset because she wanted to post a kitten that someone else had called her about on the adoption board. She had sent a rather grainy photo provided by the couple who picked it up, and no description. The adoption volunteer explained to her in an email that more details are needed - for example, age, gender, whether the cat is toilet trained, etc. Also, there must be some way of getting in touch with the people who picked the cat up. If not, it would be very difficult should someone really be interested.

The woman called to say that she felt the board was there to help the cats and it didn't cost us anything to post a photo even if none of these details are on. I understand that she wants to help and doesn't want the cat to be put back on the street. However I pointed out that if the couple who picked it up, and whom she said felt it was too difficult to post it on the board, did not seem to be interested then there is a good chance if someone calls, they may not bother to respond either.

I pointed out that it doesn't cost us anything - but it does potentially cost another cat a home. As you may have seen our adoption board is very full. There were something like 25 cats posted in the last two weeks. For every cat that is posted, another unadopted cat gets 'pushed off' the board. That means that cat is going to lose a chance to get adopted. Most of these cats have fosters who are willing and eager to find the cats a home and whom WILL respond promptly (and if they don't, and too many people complain the foster has not responded, the posting will be taken off the board).

Why not have more pages? We used to do that and found almost no one would ask for kittens on say page 8 - but if it is all on the same page, people will scroll down. The photos also need to be large enough to attract peoples' attention.

The idea is to try and get as many cats into good homes as possible. Trying to get someone else who is not particularly interested to adopt the cat out just means that cat and another cat lose out on a chance of a home.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone posted on singaporecats messageboard that Ang Mo Kio TC is mass culling cats is there any truth in this thnx

30/11/07 5:15 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

No - not that I am aware of. I am aware that some unsterilised, unmanaged cats were caught but not that any sterilised, managed cats were. Please ask the person who posted this to verify the rumour.

A few weeks ago we had a similar rumour which was not proven as well.

30/11/07 5:31 PM  

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