Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shaking hands

Shaking hands
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I went for a mediation after dropping off some photocopying this afternoon. There was a complaint from a woman that there were cats urinating and defecating upstairs. When I walked around, a few families complained of the same thing. However both people who liked AND disliked the cats pointed the woman (whose hand is in the photo) out to me. It seems that she is well known for having cats in the block. This is her cat outside the flat, who can 'shake hands'.

It also seems that there are several people who have cats or feed cats upstairs. One woman said that a neighbour had started carrying the cats upstairs and playing with them since she moved in recently and the cats had learnt to come up after that. I spoke with the neighbour who said did not say anything about it.

Another family said that there was definitely someone with a pet cat - the cat had run into her house and the owner had come down once to look for it. I flyered several houses and spoke to several people. The woman in the photo also said that she would go down and check out the situation - she said that the cats came up as the other neighbours had said, and they often came to her door.



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