Friday, November 23, 2007


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Some of you may remember this case (and this is the photo I took when I last went down). A woman rang up from the same block again today. If you guessed that she called about the same unit that I went down twice to, you're absolutely right (and no prizes for you - that was too easy! :)).

It's no laughing matter though that after numerous warnings, visits and emails, after the last lot of cats was trapped - they decided to lure yet ANOTHER group of cats up to feed. And guess what? It's yet another mother with a bunch of kittens.

The woman who called didn't call to complain - she's worried the kittens aren't getting enough nutrition, and wanted to know if we could convince the owners to feed them better. She had our flyer from the last time I went down and hence she called. She was surprised I had spoken with this unit before. This is the same young man who claimed the cats didn't belong to his family, and then asked for monetary compensation when the cats that weren't being cared for by theirs were caught.

Seriously, what is it going to take to make people like them stop feeding the cats upstairs? Clearly they don't care about the cats because the thought of them being killed doesn't bother them enough to stop feeding them upstairs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look like the "wrong" species were culled the last time. Do it right this time!

23/11/07 4:00 PM  
Anonymous apple said...

get e mother cat and her babies away fr these 'devils in disguise'.An sterilise e mother cat as soon as possible.

26/11/07 12:58 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Problem is that he's just going to lure some other cat up again even if these cats are removed. He's already done it twice before.

26/11/07 1:08 PM  

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