Tuesday, November 20, 2007


People are often contacting us and saying that they want us to contact their management committee/town council/residents committee to tell them about a management programme. Here's the thing - quite a few caregivers or people who like cats think that we have some special power or influence over these different groups, but we don't. Most of these management committees or town councils don't care either way about us - they care about you, the resident, the occupant, the tenant, etc in the area.

The idea of a management committee or a town council clearly is to protect the interest of the residents or the occupiers using the property. Unless they are extremely far-sighted, why would they care what a group working with community cats have to say? Even if they did think TNRM was a better option, say their own residents don't - they cannot go against what their residents think and want for their estate.

Here's where the resident comes in - because you are as much a resident as someone else who may NOT want the cat there. More importantly, you're willing to do something about it - you're willing to help out with TNRM. You're willing to mediate, and you're someone who has a stake in the community. As such the management will listen to YOU (provided you make a reasonable argument of course).

So if you'd like us to come with you to speak with your management committee or town council, we're always happy to - but you do to let them know that we're coming.

I've recently had two people approach us about speaking with the management of two different areas with which they have no connection - ie they have been or intend to sterilise the cats there but neither of them is a tenant/occupier/resident. At the end of the day, if neither of them are able to find someone within the compound who is supportive of what they are doing, and a resident complains, those cats are still going to be at risk of being trapped and killed.



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