Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talking to the TC

Say you go into a shop and you realise that an item you bought is an item that has been produced with resources that has involved for example, cruelty to animals. You, as a concerned consumer, do not think that your favourite shop should be selling this. You go up to the salesperson and bring this up to him or her. Now the salesperson may agree with you on this and be sympathetic, or may disagree and think you are crazy. However the salesperson cannot make the final decision what goes on the shelves - he or she may be able to feedback to the purchasers or the owners, but they often cannot make that decision.

If you however speak to the boss of the shop, and he or she agrees with you because you have a convincing argument, he or she CAN make that decision - and whether or not the salesperson agrees, they will go with what the boss says.

I bring up this analogy because I was speaking to a caregiver this morning. She and another caregiver had cats trapped in their area yesterday. The last officer refused to write them a letter, but it seems this officer has said that he will - but he also said he will continue trapping because of complaints.

What is important is to try and see the General Manager because, just like the boss of the shop, he or she is in charge of the estate. It is a good thing to bring up to him or her what exactly you are trying to do, because he or she may have no idea what you are trying to do. The GM may not be aware of what you are trying to achieve or why.

It's also important how to explain this. I understand that both caregivers feel as we all do, that killing the cats is cruel. However more importantly to people who don't care for cats either way, it is ineffective. Cats are seen to some as pests - and to these people, killing them is not an issue. What IS more convincing though is to explain that killing is NOT effective and that a TNRM programme is better at controlling the population AND controlling complaints.



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