Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank yous

I'm preparing all the thank you notes to the vets for Spay Day along with a little token of our appreciation, which is a voucher from Breadtalk. Some of the vets were very kind and offered us special deals on top of the subsidised rates - for example, for X number of cats, one sterilisation would be free. We appreciate their help.

We're also organising a thank you tea for the Spay Day volunteers who helped out and that's going to be next Sunday.

Interesting article from Tarsiergirl on a cat that goes wandering every day but waits to be picked up at the same spot! I somehow think if he had done this in Singapore, he would likely have been trapped!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

here they remain ignorant, no sense of humour and only think of cats as disease-bearing pest with no intellect or worthiness.

15/11/07 2:10 PM  

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