Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tom cat

Tom cat
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This is one of the few unsterilised cats still left in the area. I went down with the young lady who is organising the sterilisation of the cats in the area and managing the project. Along with some volunteers who are helping her out, they have sterilised an impressive number of cats.

The problem now is one of feeding. The feeders who are currently in the area will be leaving. At the same time some are making a mess which upsets the management.

We went down to speak to the management about the possibility of a cat cafe programme yesterday and they are considering it.

Afterward, we spoke to a feeder in the area. The woman comes down to feed the cats every night and the management has warned her several times as they say that she litters. The woman insisted she does not. However she was feeding in an extremely high traffic area at 6:30 pm. In five minutes, I counted 10 people walking by and the cats were extremely visible.

The young woman and I spoke with her and hopefully she'll change her feeding time and area to someone a bit more isolated and to a slightly less obvious time.

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