Friday, November 02, 2007

Toothpicks in pot

Toothpicks in pot
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I met with some caregivers and their town council today. They mentioned that they did not want to trap the cats unnecessarily, but that sterilised cats could cause a nuisance. I pointed out that the point is to solve the nuisance, NOT to get rid of the cats - because that often doesn't solve the problem.

Point in case, during the meeting they mentioned a block with urination in the corridor. I told them it was highly unlikely that the cats were community cats that were going up and down. As we walked around several people mentioned that (1) the cats were seen taking the lift and (2) there were people with pet cats in the block.

We flyered the area and hope the owner will stop letting the cats out. We did find one owner on an upper floor whose door was open but whom insisted her cats never go out. We were told the cats were very well fed and that they were seen running UPstairs and not down.

This pot with little sticks is probably a good indicator that the cat is defecating in the pot and the person is trying to keep the cat out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

walauweh, this dramatic pot of plant looks so totally vicious. don't know to weep or laugh. hmm.

3/11/07 1:25 AM  

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