Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trapping and confusion

I spoke to both feeders again. It seems the second feeder was aware of the trapping going on last night and had been up late. He was aware when I called that the cats had been trapped though I'm not really clear on all the details. He had another confrontation with the complainant last night or early this morning. According to the second feeder, the complainant had hired pest control himself and sent them in this morning, as well as had paid the security guard not to trap the cats.

The first feeder called and said the cats were being sent to the SPCA and she wanted me to call the SPCA. I told her that SPCA does not accept tipped earred cats. She then excitedly passed me over to the carpark supervisor. Apparently this morning, someone tried to trap the cats from a pest control company and the feeders then converged on the area. The police were called in (the man was not sure why). He told me he had the number of the pest control company and was about to give it to me. Just then the first feeder grabbed the phone back.

I told her that right then I wasn't sure where the cats had even gone. She said that the pest control company had just left and told them to follow behind if they wanted to. I asked her if she was sure where the cats were going. She said she didn't know and that she did not take down the number of the pest control company either.

I asked her to speak to the carpark supervisor again and he gave me the number. I spoke with the pest control man and asked if he could just release the cats to the first feeder who said she was going to be taking them away. He said that he could not. I told him that as far as I aware the SPCA does not take in tipped earred cats so he said he would send them to the AVA instead. I then alerted the first feeder who has now gone to the AVA. The second feeder, I advised to speak with the management and find out what is happening, as it appears they did not send in pest control.



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