Friday, November 30, 2007

Unmanaged areas

Some feeders called up today. Apparently yesterday pest control went down and trapped some cats that were not sterilised or managed. I have been calling around to try and get some details. They are now asking to see the town council on this. Their agreement has always been with the TC that if there are sterilised and managed cats, they will not be caught - but unsterilised cats will still be caught.

The problem obviously is that if they are unable to help with the sterilisation and management, then the town council IS going to trap the cats there if there is a complaint. One of the feeders there in fact had a complaint in a block right near hers and when I called her up she told me it was not her block. Another feeder took more than two months to look for the 'owner' of a cat which someone else offered to adopt, and which he would not let them do. These two other blocks are not anywhere near theirs - so who is going to manage the issue if something crops up?

I spoke to another woman who knows them and she said they are overloaded at the moment as they have cats in a farm. I can understand they have other obligations, but then who is going to handle complaints if issues pop up in these unmanaged areas? And issues WILL pop up because these cats are not sterilised!

At some point, the town council is going to realise that the cases are not being handled properly and decide that they are not going to bother referring this to the caregivers anymore. You obviously cannot keep stalling and hope the TC forgets - because they won't especially if the complainant keeps complaining.

This will boil down to credibility. If you cannot manage your area well - then please don't take on another area.



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