Friday, November 30, 2007

Unsterilised cat

Unsterilised cat
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I saw this cat last night when I went for a meeting with the residents chairpersons of the RCs and the TC in an area. The TC wanted to have the chairpersons bring up any queries they might have had.

Some people were concerned that the cats might lose their instincts if fed (I explained that cats do not hunt for food but as instinct as any one who has seen a cat kill a cockroach then walk away, can attest to).

We did get some rather odd questions - the man who brought up the feeding wanted to know if this was the reason they were so fat and what would happen if he (being rather rotund himself) tripped over the cat that regularly sat outside his RC, and as a result was accused of harming it.

Other questions were more usual - including how to tell if a cat has been sterilised. One of the RC people present mentioned that cats are rarely the problem, but people are, to which the caregivers heartily agreed.

The town council reiterated that they would not remove sterilised cats and continue to work with the caregivers. This session was more to clarify with the RCs any doubts that they might have had.

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