Thursday, November 29, 2007

Verifying rumours

Another SMS came in this morning (and also via phone calls) that trapping would happen in several parts of the island. Again no one happened to be able to verify it or could not reveal their source.

One of the caregivers decided to call her officer, whom she was good on terms with, to ask about this rumour. The officer said that incidentally he was the officer in the area and that he had not ordered any trapping of cats. He said he would check and get back to her - indeed, there would be trapping, but of rats, not cats.

Incidentally I also wrote to the TC, about this SMS which was received by several people on Sunday and Monday. The TC wrote back yesterday to say that there was no such order given and we were told to let them know if there were any cases of officers not following the correct protocol.

Another caregiver SMSed this morning to say that she wanted to know what had happened and if she should stop sterilising the cats as she had an appointment for tomorrow. I told her that it is good to verify the source first because it's precisely because we want to stop panic and worry among caregivers.

It was very good of the caregiver to call her officer up and check first - I notice that in two of these trapping rumours so far, that two caregivers immediately called their officers up. Both of them have good working relationships with their officers and are able obviously to get their information verified. This helps to cut through the panic which is what is necessary.

Another caregiver asked me if I thought that it was possible these rumours were being planted to undermine the caregivers' relation with the TC.



Blogger VeganCatsg said...

Mdm S called me 2 days ago and said the property manager confirmed no trapping BUT she said "they" trapping somewhere else because "somebody" wants to get rid of all the cats to achieve ZERO cats.

29/11/07 12:15 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

"They" being the property manager or someone else?

29/11/07 1:19 PM  
Blogger VeganCatsg said...

"They" as in "Thar Men"..she no idea who....the usual "they all" kind of pointing

29/11/07 2:55 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Sigh - guess we'll never find out then!

29/11/07 2:56 PM  

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