Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sometimes people tell us about abuse cases or abandonment cases and ask us to act on the situation. While we are happy to assist and advise people, the fact of the matter is that we cannot file a police report because we are not the ones with direct evidence of what has happened. We also cannot prosecute as we do not have the power to do so.

We had two people call today. One of the people who I spoke with mentioned that a woman had told everyone in the estate that she had witnessed the abuse - I told her that while the witness might have done that, there are really only two places she needs to really be prepared to stand up and speak out at and that is in court and at the police station. If she is not willing to testify (or make a police report) then there is no case. This is despite the fact that she may have told the whole neighbourhood because no one else can testify to the fact of the abuse except the witness herself.

Another man I spoke to wanted to know if CWS could file the report or go ahead and prosecute though he WAS willing to be a witness. I explained that we cannot prosecute - only the police or the AVA can. If he is willing to be a witness, and AVA agrees that there is enough evidence to go on based on his testimony, then the case can proceed. We are not like organisations overseas that have the power to prosecute or go in and seize animals - what we can do is basically inform the authorities and ask them to step in.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

only talk and talk and when the time comes, every body has to work, afraid of being exposed etc. One feeder said she knew someone on certain floor threw cats down and insisted I ' catch ' him but when asked to give the exact address she did not call back and said she has to work.
She lives opposite his block. Her laziness to get the exact address meant cats continue to be thrown down. Some feeders addicted to feeding and can't function in other aspects.

28/11/07 4:14 PM  

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