Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You can't make someone care

Just got back from meeting Corbie to pick up the cheques and deposits for this quarter ot hand to the accountant, and also from picking up the mail. A very sweet note from someone came in saying that he hoped part of the (very generous) donation he was sending would be used for a bonus for me - thank you Anonymous Donor for the kind thought (though I don't think we'll be doing that :)).

Also went to pick up the name cards. I had a number of phone calls from some people while I was out. Two of them are from the same area and are very upset that there is another feeder who insists on letting the cat out into the corridor. One of the caregivers there spoke with the officer who had sent pest control down and explained that the wrong cat had been caught and that the problem of defecation was still on-going. As such, this caregiver said that this would not solve the problem.

Another feeder who works with her called me and kept insisting that I try and email the daughter of the feeder who lets the cat out. Apparently she had also spoken with this feeder, and I had emailed the daughter yesterday. The feeder is upset that the woman will not keep the cat in. She kept saying that the cat might be caught.

I told her that at the end of the day, you cannot make someone care if they don't care. If she knows that the cat might be caught, has been warned, and insists on doing it, then there is absolutely nothing that can be done. It's not that you WANT that cat to be picked up - and it's definitely not the cat's fault, but otherwise as happened in this case, the community cats downstairs will keep getting picked up because this owner won't keep their cat in and it's defecating outside someone's house.



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