Monday, December 03, 2007

Are the cats sterilised?

I received a letter in the mail last week - apparently a woman had gone to see her MP to ask for permission to feed the cats in her area. The MP then wrote to the TC saying that she appealed to the TC to allow her to feed the cats - he mentioned that she cleaned the area up, and kept the place dry and clean.

The TC officer then wrote back to say that they cannot allow this as this will lead to an increase in the population of cats but that he would put her in touch with CWS and we could perhaps get her to help with responsible feeding and care of the community cats.

When I looked through the letter, the first thing that struck me was - were the cats sterilised? I managed to get hold of the feeder today and it seems that they were, but that she had not mentioned this to the MP!

What had happened was that someone had come up to tell her that she cannot feed the cats. This resident had scared the feeder, so the feeder decided to ask the TC for 'permission' to feed.

Kudos to the TC officer who responded to my email, while he was not only on leave, but out of the country. He wrote to thank me for looking into it and when I wrote to tell him that the cats were sterilised, he said that they had no idea as she had not mentioned it. He asked if we could advise her on responsible feeding and how to care for the cats properly - I told him that we have invited her to the TNRM workshop and she is attending.

Nice to know some officers even check in while overseas. We agreed to speak more when he is back in Singapore.



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