Thursday, December 13, 2007

Be Kind - Sterilise

I spoke to a woman who said that her husband recently passed away. He left behind however a few colonies of cats - all unsterilised. I asked the woman how many cats there were and she said she wasn't sure, but she estimated in the region of 12-20 cats.

I told her that it was difficult enough to find someone to start feeding someone else's colony - because everyone who is a caregiver has a colony of their own. In addition, these cats aren't sterilised which means that the caregiver is going to have to trap and send them to the vet, even if the money could be sponsored (as the woman cannot afford it). She mentioned that her husband had also taken in many cats because he felt sorry for them and out of kindness and now she cannot cope as well with the cats at home. Her relatives are pressurising her to get rid of the cats which she is resisting.

The thing about feeding is this - it takes away the temporary need. The cat is hungry today, it'll be hungry tomorrow, and obviously the day after. It's great that people want to help the cats - and feeding IS an important component of TNRM. If it's JUST feeding though, the cats are better fed, they're more likely to breed, and have their offspring survive AND these cats will reproduce more and more.

Sterilisation on the other hand ensures they don't breed anymore. They no longer have kittens, are less likely to get cancer, are healthier and are likely to live longer. If the man had sterilised the cats as well, a lot fewer cats would be going hungry today.



Anonymous chinky said...

Some of the caregivers are ignorant. If information such as TNRM can be filtered to these caregivers and knowledge of avenues to seek help for sterilisation, I am sure they would have done the right thing. Without resources and knowledge, the kindness of these ordinary people can be disheartening and perhaps a loss of "faith" in life.
If only our government recognises the need to help our community animals as well and make TnRM a common knowledge, then we really have evolved to a higher level.

13/12/07 3:52 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Chinky - unfortunately it's not always that the caregiver is ignorant. For example, in this case, the woman said all their home cats are sterilised, but her husband had 'no time'.

There are unfortunately many people who will not sterilise for a number of reasons - just because someone is feeding doesn't always mean that they want to do what is best for the cat. For some people, feeding is more about how they feel, then what is good for the cat.

13/12/07 6:56 PM  

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