Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The cat has been there a long time

I spoke to a woman this morning who said that a cat had been caught. The feeder there apparently called the town council, and they told her that they wanted a letter from the FEEDER as to what she wanted to do with the cat.

In the middle of the conversation, it turned out the cat was NOT sterilised or at least not ear tipped. I asked the woman what had happened and she said according to the feeder, the cat was a home pet and may have been abandoned. The woman said the cat had been there for so long it should not have been caught. She said the feeder said according to the behaviour of the cat, it must have been sterilised. She said they would take it to be sterilised if the TC and AVA released it.

I asked if anyone had taken the cat to the vet to check - she said she wasn't sure, she would need to ask the feeder.

I asked if she had spoken with the TC prior to this and the woman who called said that there hadn't been a need to do so.

First of all, it is always better to speak with the TC prior to a problem popping up then after. That way they know and can call you if there is a problem.

Secondly, the argument that the cat has been there a long time isn't a very good one - if it's been there a long time, the TC is going to ask why during this period it was never sterilised? Guessing as to whether it has been sterilised is not very useful either - nor can any of them say with certainty if they think it has been sterilised.

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Anonymous C said...

a question to seek yr advice..

a female cat was sterilized but not tipped ear (used to be a home cat before being abandon downstair).

she is close to 12yr.o now..
is it still possible to take her to e vet to b tip ear?
im afraid e TC will catch her (as they dunno she is sterilized but not tipped ear) but on the other hand im worried as she has to undergo GA to tip ear if im not wrong..


18/12/07 10:17 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

c - that is a tough one as she is quite elderly. One option - do you work with your TC quite well? If so, let the officer know the cat IS sterilised but not ear tipped because of her age. If they do generally call you when any complaints come in, then this shouldn't be a problem as you can solve the issue then.

18/12/07 10:42 AM  

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