Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Changing her mind?

This woman called the AVA to say that she had lost my number and wanted to ask how to get in touch with me again.

I called her back and she says that she wants to get the cats sterilised. Apparently she said the caregiver had come by and taken some of the cats. She said she is worried that the caregiver will not feed the cats and may be starving them. Now she says she would like to get them sterilised.

I reminded her that she decided to send the cats to the SPCA. She now says that she has changed her mind. However she continues to say that there is no problem with the cats in the room and that they are fine.

I also told her that putting the cats in cages is not a good idea. She kept insisting they might get run over on the street. I told her that if she really wanted to help, that she should sterilise the cats on the street - right now, new kittens are constantly being born.

I am trying to find out more now as it seems that the AVA may have been called again and the SPCA.

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Anonymous apple said...

just tell her how she ,herself will feel,if she is locked up inside a room,or worse,a cage e whole day.She can't do anything,but stare at e 4 walls.She won't be able to stand it ,even for 10mins,she will go nuts!
And dat's how her cats r feelin right now,everyday!It's depressing!
It's better to be out in e streets than in a jailhse.

6/12/07 12:58 PM  

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