Monday, December 03, 2007

Contacting the TC

I just spoke to a woman who had some cats trapped in the area that she and some others are managing. Unfortunately the feeder there who was the liaison with the TC left - and the TC doesn't know any one else in the area because no one else had their names given to the TC. As a result, last week they went down and trapped three of the sterilised cats.

The two feeders went down today - it was the first time that the property officer had met them and vice versa. The officer said that they did not want to release the cats because they had a genuine complaint - he said however they did not want to stop genuine 'cat lovers' if they wanted to take the cats 'home'. He asked me if it was true that HDB does not allow cats in homes. He also asked why the TC was not supplied with a list of caregivers anymore by the AVA. I had to explain that the original Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme was cancelled but that AVA does still support sterilisation - now though it is up to the caregivers to make that contact with the TC.

He says that in the future he will try and hold off as much as possible - I told him the point is not to put it off but instead to work with the residents to solve the issue. On the residents' part, I told them that they HAD to work with the TC - and to let the TC whom they were. If neither party is aware of the other, then how is this going to work? They have made the first step today - so let's hope they will continue to work together.

In the meantime, the caregivers will approach their MP to ask for help on releasing the cats.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Insane. Release of the cats, so simple an act has to trouble the MP and caregivers. Arrogant TC officer who seems to enjoy self-imposed nonsensical 'power'.

What is so difficult about doing basic mediation and foster peace among neighbours? That's why TC is good at ' clinical 'level.
And once Dawn is gone, pity the community cats.

3/12/07 1:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I actually think most groups working with their TCs will be fine. What is important is having caregivers work with their TCs.

I think the officer also doesn't feel he has the power to change what he said was a 'policy' of the TC. How true this is I don't know - but he actually has not trapped in this area for years, which all the caregivers mentioned.

3/12/07 1:49 PM  

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